You sent us your favorite family nightmares and your favorite family members. Here we go.
From pretentious Sir Walter to terrifying Sir Thomas, Jane Austen is full of terrible, treacherous family
The Podcast - S2 Ep4: Muslim romance right out of Jane Austen Listen now (37 min) | Author Uzma Jalaluddin is deconstructing - and making us fall in love with - her Muslim heroes
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We're taking a breather to talk about the horrors, the holidays, and bad families of Jane Austen - here they come
The Podcast S2, Ep2: Finding your path through story, romance, magic, and Jane AustenListen now (44 min) | Professor and Bruja Maria DeBlassie on Jane's ordinary gothic and everyday magic
Entire rooms are made up of ordinary dangers - Jane shows us how to slay them
The Podcast S2: Comedy, Romance, Pleasure, Pain - Adapting Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ Listen now (36 min) | Playwright Sarah Rose Kearns on why Anne Elliot is her best imaginary friend
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