Some of the ‘elegant females’ wield power. Some are downright dangerous.
Sometimes the best family is the one we create for ourselves.
Adrian Lukis has had some time to think about Jane Austen bad guys. His ‘Being Mr. Wickham' incorporates Regency history, scandal, and unexpected…
'The Courtship's' heroine is looking for love. The cameras show you she's headed elsewhere. But we trust that like an Austen heroine, she'll find the…
Real romance, the Regency, and flowery fakery
'Bridgerton' is Back. Are you watching? Hello friends, Bridgerton season 2 is here! We’re celebrating spring, rocking spring break, and handing over the mic to you: Are you watching? H…
Rituals, rites, public dramas - so it is in the Regency and in reality TV
They're Byronic, gallant, cash-strapped and capturing hearts
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The Austen Connection