Sitemap - 2021 - The Austen Connection

To all y'all, from all us - the podcast season 2

Gifting, getting, greed, and goodness in Highbury

Happy birthday to us. Jane Austen was born on this day, 246 years ago.

The Podcast - S2, Ep5: Regency women of color finding romance, making history

Jane Austen's best baddest

Happy Thanksgiving - let's talk about Jane Austen and bad family. You know the ones.

The Podcast - S2 Ep4: Muslim romance right out of Jane Austen

The Podcast - S2 Ep3: Jane Austen for the People

We got through the horrors. Here come the holidays (and the bad families).

The Podcast S2, Ep2: Finding your path through story, romance, witchery, and Jane Austen

Death by Drawing Room: In Jane Austen, Hell is Other People

The Podcast S2: Comedy, Romance, Pleasure, Pain - Adapting Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’

Mousy, Monstrous Fanny Price

Mansfield Park, Horror Show

Everything Emma, and Horrors to Come

The Podcast - Episode 7: Jane Austen will teach you, challenge you, and rescue you

All the Knightleys

Jane Fairfax Drops the Mic

The Edible, Audible Emma

Looking back, looking forward, keeping it together

Claire Tomalin: Reflections on Jane Austen's Life

The Podcast - Episode 6: Devoney Looser on Living, Loving and Arguing About Jane Austen

The Podcast - Episode 5: Danielle Christmas on Being Intentional about Race and the Regency

The Bachelorette's Heading to Hometowns. Jane Austen's Been There.

The Podcast - Episode 4: Black British Life in the Regency and Beyond

The Podcast - Episode 3: Romance, the Regency, and Jane Austen

The Podcast - Episode 2: The Sisters of The Ripped Bodice

The Podcast - Episode 1: Author Soniah Kamal on how Jane Austen is Pakistani

What Michelle Obama and Lizzy Bennet Both Know

Turning the Tables in Pride and Prejudice

What (Jane Austen's) Women Want

Our Top 5 Dopamine-Inducing Pandemic-Survival Scenes from Jane Austen

The Smartest Person in the Room

Your Favorite Five

You’re going to get lots of letters!

How Jane Austen's stories connect to us today, and connect us to each other.