Thank you for this, Mary! Yes, I always look forward to conversations about Emma. And am a huge fan and student of James, and would love to have more discussion about the James and Austen connection. You are inspiring me to dig out those Prefaces.

And, yes, my apologies for taking forever to answer your email - you will see an answer soon. My delay has been life getting in the way of literature! Thank you for your insightful engagement, always, more to come!


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As I know you'll be discussing _Emma_ soon, I've been re-reading the novel and want to comment on Austen's elegant use of omniscience. Makes one think that Henry James learned from her—what he later called in one of his prefaces "Central Intelligence": the use of omniscience to pull out and get info from other characters with an ultimate focus on one. In this case, Austen pulls out as in Chapter five, where Emma is not present. Throughout, however, we know that the conflict and the story belong to Emma--and difficult as Austen asserts she is to love, we come to love her--like an unforgettable Valentine.

Dear Jane, I'm still hoping that you'll write for https://innerlifecollaborative.substack.com -- I'm saving April 28th for you. Do write me as soon as you're able at my personal email <mltabor@me.com> -- You may write on anything you like under your own byline. I so want to schedule you. xo Mary

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This is great. I can’t wait to listen. I just explored similar ground because I was looking into the the best lit love stories of all time. It was so fun to think about because Pride and Prejudice takes the cake for me story wise but the best Austen love story may be in Persuasion. At the end when she reads the letter from Captain Wentworth....what girl hasn’t dreamed of receiving a letter like that?? I think Austen was a master of keeping her heroines and their love interests apart so well that when they finally show any interest/love for one another, we are all cheering like it’s our own heart. Love this newsletter!! Xo

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