It’s the month of love - we’re deconstructing 'Pride and Prejudice', disastrous proposals, and the sexiest arguments of Jane Austen

December 2022

We are not just good company. We are the best.
Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s 'Fleishman Is in Trouble' is one of the most astonishing, unexpected feminist novels in recent times. And we’re tracing it back…
Capitalists, Christmas films, dueling bookstores, and Jane Austen
It’s Jane Austen’s birthday. She's talking to us across 247 years.

November 2022

Live from Austen Con! Listen now (43 min) | We did a cool Jane Austen thing, and here's the podcast - with author Devoney Looser talking about 'Sister Novelists…
Power, romance, Austen, and the mediated princess

October 2022

Happy Halloween
Reading Jane Austen in Nigeria Listen now (39 min) | And feeling the complicated feelings about classic lit and the canon, race and romance, and the stories we tell
Loretta Lynn, a coal miner's daughter, a gentleman's daughter, and women getting by
17 power-pop numbers your favorite Jane Austen character would totally say. And we need to hear it.

September 2022

PersuadableListen now (38 min) | In the YouTube series 'Rational Creatures' four friends retell ‘Persuasion’ with lgbt storylines, telenovela vibes, gender swaps…